Friday, February 19, 2010

i found you syukry

the day start..
the one came
that is u..
i wonder why,trees become soo green,
flowers become so grooming
things have changes
from 1 to 10
from multiple to deviding
from you to me
like machine popped its corn..

i dont know where should i start
where should i move
and where should u stay
i want to say that word
but yet its still cracked
thanks to the wind
thanks to the grass
thanks to the squirrel
i am finally have you..!

i love u,18th 20th,
the birth doesnt make any sense
for me and for u
we'll try so hard..
i'll try so hard.
breathing in one nose..
in a bag of gas
smiling with the dimple
u make me flying so high
to the park of J..
no metter what
thanks for the care
thanks for the love..
thanks for the smile